Is It Sitting In The Loft or Gathering Dust In A Cupboard?

Do you want to use your time to start making beautiful things?


Join Our Online Course

"Successful Sewing Secrets"

and Kickstart your Sewing Confidence In Just 4 Weeks! 

We’ll show you exactly how to unlock your creative potential!

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We are challenging you to join our course and kickstart your sewing confidence in just 4 weeks, supported by an amazing group of like minded people to encourage you every step of the way!

Join Craft My Day's Online course 'SUCCESSFUL SEWING SECRETS' and get complete access to all the course materials from our much loved physical course at a fraction of the price! 

  • Want to learn Independantly at home but need the suport of a proffessional tutor and a supportive network?
  • Make use of your Sewing Machine instead of letting  it gather dust?
  • Want to use this time to learn a new skill?
  • Do you want to benefit from the mindfulness of craft to help you Mental Health?
  • Get all the knowledge from our most popular workshop based, course at a fraction of the price!
  • You will get weekly modules to follow and learn at your own pace
  • Are you ready to stop dreaming about being creative and start making beautiful things?
  • Craft My Day Ltd

    “Totally impressed - didn’t think I could possibly manage the projects in”lockdown” and unable to get new materials but have been able to complete everything so far - Rachel has always been encouraging and creative with suggestions - Thankyou 😀”

  • Craft My Day Ltd

    “Thank you Rachel. It’s been a wonderful experience for me and I have learnt so much. It sad that it has come to an end.”

  • Craft My Day Ltd

    “Thank you - I’m really enjoying it and love the fact that I can pick up and put down a project as I need to, with everything that’s going on at home (or rewind and rewatch something I’ve missed!). Having a set project to achieve and seeing everyone else’s projects has motivated me too.”

Look at some of the beautiful things made by our students so far!!

If you’ve tried Sewing before, you know how common it is to feel scared of your machine and out of control when things go wrong.

We’ll show you how to keep going, and guide you through every step!

This course can be completed by ANYBODY with a sewing machine at home. Each week you will complete a 3hr lesson.

We will give you a full list of materials and templates, full instructions, video tutorials

What makes this extra special is the Private Facebook group with live Q&A sessions, huge amounts of love and support creating a circle of Positive Vibes!

...if you want to learn all these skills then we invite you to join Successful Sewing Secrets!

Our studio course costs £150

But we are offering the full 4 week online course package here at Just £67

  • Successful Sewing Secrets

    Kickstart your sewing confidence with our 4 week course including Sewing Machine Masterclass and 4 easy to follow sewing projects. Each project will increase your skill set to boost your sewing experience and confidence.

    GBP 67.00

    “Fabulous course. I was afraid of my sewing machine when I started, but not now. With Rachel's great teaching and guidance I made a tote bag and origami box a make up bag and pyjama bottoms. I now feel confident to tackle sewing great things on my machine.”

  • Craft My Day Ltd

    “Thank you Rachel for giving me the skills to make these beautiful make up bags and coin purses for my friends. ❤️”

  • Craft My Day Ltd

    “I am really enjoying this course and very happy with tote bag and origami box. Started make up bag but disaster! Ordered new zip so can’t wait to start again! Thank you Rachel Pullen your instructions are just perfect and I’m loving every minute 💃🏿”

  • Craft My Day Ltd

    “ Totally impressed - didn’t think I could possibly manage the projects in”lockdown” and unable to get new materials but have been able to complete everything so far - Rachel has always been encouraging and creative with suggestions - Thankyou 😀”

What’s inside the course?

What’s inside the challenge?

Week 1: Sewing Machine Masterclass

Wrangle the voices, doubts and fears holding you back. Learn to understand your sewing machine and build your confidence.


Plus a Bonus Project !!!

Week 2: Core Skills

Learn the Core skills for Sewing.

Cutting Fabric, Sewing Seams, Hemming.

Sew a shopping Tote AND an Origami Box!


Week 3: Lined Make Up Bag

Inserting Zips, Changing the foot and creating a project to be really proud of!

Week 4: Patterns

Introduction to using commercial patterns, taking measurements and getting a professional finish.



Rachel - Owner and Founder of 'Craft My Day'

Since completing her degree in ‘Costume and Technical effects for the

performing arts’ at London College of Fashion in 2001, Rachel worked freelance in the film and events industries for many years before taking a break to be at home with her 3 children whilst they were small.

She began teaching at a private sewing studio, alongside freelance work and grew to love the rewarding nature of teaching.

'I can never seem to get enough of learning new skills, which I love to share…' It seemed a natural progression for her to go on to open Craft My Day Ltd in 2016.

Her passion for textiles and design began during GCSE’s when she found her own teacher a real inspiration. 'She developed my creativity but also gave me confidence for life. I aspire to recreate that experience, and inspire others to start their own creative journeys.'

Rachel believes that all people are creative and with a bit of patience and encouragement can be taught ways to express that innate ability and get a real sense of satisfaction and enjoyment.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Where do I get Fabric?

I am always up for recycling and an old duvet cover would be ample fabric (and suitable) to make all of our projects!

I will discuss fabric requirements for each project and different items that you could recycle at the beginning of the course!

If you fancy having a look at buying fabric for your projects check put your local fabric shop's reminants bin and there are also lots of online fabric shops!

We will be doing PJ’s in the last week so plenty of time to order! You will also need a zip for week 3, I will suggest places to purchase or recycle from!

How long does it take?

You will recieve a new module each week. The lesson included will take approx 3 hrs, to be completed in your own time over the week.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

If you feel that the course is not helping you, you can get a full refund within 7 days- no questions asked.

I Don't use facebook?

You do not need to join the Facebook group if it's not your thing- You can still get involved via the forum in our membership group.

I’ve seen similar stuff in the past—what makes this different?

At Craft My Day we have run this course, physically, with hundreds of students from every walk of life. We have a wealth of experience to help you, plus the private facebook group is also there to support you, all following the course alongside you. We are in it together!

What if I fall behind?

When you purchase Successful Sewing secrets you are getting lifetime access. We hope that you will enjoy the extra support of the group but the course is there to work through at your own pace.

Course Includes

  • Sewing Machine Masterclass

  • Machine maintenance

  • Confidence building exercises

  • Sew a Shopping Tote

  • Sew an Origami Box

  • Sew a Lined Make Up bag

  • Introduction to Patterns

  • Sew PJ Bottoms

Core Skills 

  • Threading You machine

  • Overview of Stitches

  • Tension

  • Sewing Seams

  • Hemming

  • Inserting a zip

  • Changing the Foot

  • Getting a Professional Finish

Is there a Guarantee?

We know that if you put in the effort, you’ll finish this challenge with:

Loads of Sewing Confidence
4 Beautiful Finished Projects
A new passion and joy in your achievements!

But, if for some reason the course isn’t delivering for you, let us know within 7 days of starting and We’ll give you a full refund.

Buy Now To Receive These Extra Bonus Gifts!

  • Guide to Sewing Machine Needles

  • V-Book How to take measurements

  • Private Facebook Group creating a circle of Positive Vibes

  • Bonus Project