Crochet and Macrame


Granny Squares

Beginner's Level 1


Granny Squares

Beginner's Level 2


Baby Booties


Macrame is back!!

If you are into interior design you only have to look at the high street to see all kinds of this gorgeous textile art and understand why it's having a renaissance.


Macrame is simply knots created with rope to create decorative and also functional pieces of art. It's an addictive craft that shows you instant results in a couple of hours and the best thing about it is that anyone can do it!

We look forward to sharing our love of knots with you!

Macrame Wall Hanging

Come and learn how to make this retro Macrame Wall Hanging. Ideal for beginners.

Macrame plant holder

Bring life into your home with a retro Macrame plant pot holder.