Christmas Eve Boxes- what are they!?

Love them or hate them, this new growing trend is definitely here to stay! 

We all have some Christmas eve traditions, whether it is sipping a glass of bubbly with friends, singing carols with family or putting out treats for Santa and Rudolph.


The Christmas eve box takes this further and wraps the anticipation of Christmas into an early present. Aiming to help families to settle in and enjoy some relaxing time together, get the kids ready for bed and calm anxious children. The contents of the box is actually a series of activities.


Possibly influenced by gift-giving elsewhere in Europe, where children from many countries receive their presents on 24 December, the Christmas Eve box is filled with things that you want to do together,  such as:


  • A family board game to play in the evening (Does not need to be new!)

  • A set of pyjamas to wear at night and on Christmas morning

  • A print out of words to Christmas Carols, for a sing-a-long

  • Some ingredients for hot chocolate or biscuits to make together

  • Bubble bath or Bath bombs for a soak before bed-time

  • A Christmas film or festive book to share together 

  • Some Christmassy treats - Biscuits, sweets or chocolate 

  • Treats to put out for Santa and "reindeer food"

In the spirit of having a sustainable Christmas, it's a great opportunity to upcycle something you already have and get the crafts out. Essentially, a Christmas Eve box can be put together using any container you like. This might be a pre-loved wooden box, wicker basket or Christmas packaging leftover from a previous gift. A bit of crafting fun can make it really special by adding ribbons, pom poms, glitter and adding Christmas embellishments! 

You could use images cut from special Christmas cards you have kept or left over wrapping paper and use stencils to add names and personalise the box for your family or an individual.

What does December 24 mean to you? Why not give the Christmas Eve Box a try and see if you can create some new traditions for your family!


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