Why Craft?

Over the last 24 months it has become obvious that people who have hobbies have coped better with the unprecedented circumstances we have found ourselves in through the pandemic,
Hobbies come in many forms from gardening to baking, running to abseiling- but craft seems to be the biggest growing trend.
So why craft?
The craft world encompasses a huge array of skills so there really is something for everyone -people often claim to 'not be creative', often because they were bad at 'art' at school, but with such a wide variety  of crafts and the ability to enjoy crafting from your own home there has been a new surge in interest. 
You can let go and get messy exploring painting and sculpture, or if you are more mathematical you can try the more precise methodology of sewing and quilting. How about losing yourself in Mosaics or dabbling in card making?
There is definitely a craft to suit each personality!
The satisfaction of creating something is priceless and learning a new skill,  but another rarely mentioned part of crafting is giving. 
Hobby crafters nearly always give their work to friends and family as gifts. It adds another level of enjoyment both to the making and the satisfaction of finishing something when it is for someone you love.
So why not give a crafts a go yourself, learn a new skill and create some beautiful gifts while you're at it!


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