My Big WHY?

I thought I would introduce myself, Rachel, the founder of Craft My Day!

Many of my students have told me I have their dream job and I wholeheartedly agree- I have my dream job too! But it is funny how we end up where we are, so I thought today I would like to share a bit about why I do what I do.

Working in the TV and events industries, after finishing my degree at London College of Fashion, I suffered from ‘imposter syndrome’. I changed my direction frequently as a freelancer- from props maker to art director, costume maker to sculptural artist and I never really felt that I had found my place, despite enjoying many aspects of each role I tested.

One of my biggest issues, that had always shrouded me, was my belief that I was not an ‘Artist’.         

I can’t draw.     

Considering I teach art workshops that is a huge statement for me!

So many people I meet have the same feeling - that they are not good at ‘ART’ that they are not ‘CREATIVE’ – driven by childhood memories, criticism and self-doubt and sadly we believe what our minds tell us – whether it serves us or not.

I knew I was creative – I have always been able to work in 3D – and I loved it - but I actually believed I was a bit of a cheat because I was not great at traditional art, so I believed that others were therefore more deserving and better than me if they were.

Having kids really changes your perspectives on life. I looked at their creative endeavours and hoped they would never be marred with such negative thoughts – holding them back from their dreams.

I started teaching at a small sewing studio because it fitted with my lifestyle. After being a stay at home mum for 8 years, to my 3 kids, it was flexible and allowed me to be around to do school runs and sick days, whilst allowing me to get back to working and being creative. To being me.

I loved teaching from day 1, but I never thought that it would lead me to opening my own studio. Finding Powertex and training as a tutor opened up my true artist self and a new confidence in my own abilities.

It felt so right to venture out on my own and be able to share my love of all crafts and my realisation that everyone is creative- it’s just a question of getting the right encouragement and finding the right craft!

I am so proud to run Craft My Day. I am proud that we get such amazing feedback, that we have inspired so many and that we have created a space that is welcoming, inclusive and supportive to all ages and abilities.

I say ‘We’ because I have a growing, amazing team of local artists and creatives, that all hold similar beliefs and who are a joy to work with. I couldn’t do it without them.

This year in lockdown has definitely been tough but it has also shown how important craft is, for mindfulness, to combat isolation, to grow confidence or to just take some time out from our busy lives – the illusive ‘me’ time! 

I am excited to keep expanding - our team, our selection of workshops and also our community work and fundraising, but most of all  – I am happy to have found my place.

Much Love, Rachel xx



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